Troy, MI Litigation and CBD/Hemp Updates

laatste update: 05-2022

CLG lawyers Nick and Travis discuss the lawsuit we filed against the City of Troy and new updates from LARA regarding industrial hemp and CBD, and more.


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The Cannabis Legal Group is the premier Cannabis Law Firm in Michigan. The Cannabis Legal Group is comprised of lawyers who specialize in cannabis-related legal issues with experience in established markets such as Oregon and Colorado. The group serves marijuana-related businesses with issues including regulatory compliance, land use, zoning, raising capital, and licensing. They also provide individuals counseling on caregiving compliance and aggressive criminal defense. Led by award-winning attorney Barton Morris, Michigan’s only American Chemical Society’s designated Forensic Lawyer-Scientist, the Cannabis Legal Group is the premier cannabis law firm in Metro Detroit. Science is a fundamental issue in all things related to marijuana, and it is a major reason why the group is the Face of Cannabis Law. The Cannabis Legal Group will provide the counsel and guidance necessary for long-term security and success in the fast changing cannabis marketplace.

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