The benefits of CBD for sex life – Does CBD oil increase libido?

laatste update: 05-2022

The benefits of CBD for your sex life – Does CBD oil increase libido?

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If CBD already belongs in your kitchen or in your pharmacy, it might also belong in your bedroom! As research shows, CBD has many properties that could make CBD for sex a great addition to your intimate life.

For example, there have been a couple of studies on CBD for libido. They found that CBD oil and female libido had an intricate relationship, and that CBD could often improve sex drive. Scientists don’t directly answer the question, does CBD oil increase libido? But anecdotal evidence suggests that using CBD for libido could really work.

Whether you’re looking to use CBD for libido or not, CBD for sex has many other benefits. For example, CBD can improve your blood circulation and anxiety levels in a way that makes it a lot easier to have an orgasm. And if you’ve seen a few CBD for sex products, you may be asking yourself, what does CBD lube do? It does just what we’ve just mentioned: it relaxes the body and the genitals, improves blood flow, and relieves any pain you may be feeling.

For all these reasons, there are a lot more ways to use it than just for CBD oil and female libido. You can use CBD to spice up your sex life, or to relieve pain if you suffer from endometriosis or vaginismus.

So what does CBD lube do? Actually, quite a lot! And for all these reasons, using CBD for sex can make a lot of difference.

To learn more about how to use CBD oil for sex, we highly recommend checking out this article which also gives the scientific reasons behind the benefits of CBD for libido. And if you’re looking for more practical advice on using CBD in your sex life, you’ll find some suggestions on how to give a great CBD oil massage in this article

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