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The 5 positive effects of CBD oil on your sleep

The best-known active ingredient of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (  THC  ), is known for its soporific effect – although this is   not always  necessarily the case.

The effect of the other cannabinoid most famous cannabidiol (CBD), in your sleep are the opinions of more divided.

This is, say the scientists, because the effect depends on the dose.

CBD and sleep

Ask ten patients how non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD affects their sleep and the chance is that you get different stories.

Although there are few studies on this effect, shows a preliminary investigation cannabidiol has a significant effect on the sleep cycle, depending on the dose used.

These are five ways that CBD affects sleep.

cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive dose-based cannabinoid that can have different effects on your sleep.

1. High dose of sedative CBD

Anyone who hopes to make up for sleep can better use high doses of CBD, research shows.

In 2013,   a study was published   in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that examined the effect of different doses of cannabidiol and placebo on rats. 
Rodents were injected with the cannabinoid at doses of 2.5, 10 and 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

However, it is worth mentioning that humans and rodents treating different CBDs and the effect of this dose for humans may be different from the results that rats experienced with them.

Rats with doses of 10 and 40 milligrams slept longer through the drug.

In the 40 mg group, however, it took longer before they ended up in REM sleep.

REM sleep (rapid eye movement) is the dream phase just before you wake up.

Some scientists believe that emotional memories are being treated at this stage.

In the 10 mg group, paradoxical sleep time was shortened.

For paradoxical sleep, a lighter sleep phase, a deeper non-REM sleep phase occurs.

This non-REM phase also became slightly longer in the 40mg group, but not too significant.

From this, we can conclude that the higher dose of CBD is more effective for sleeping more deeply.

2. Low dose of CBD gives energy

When higher doses of CBD oil are soothing, lower doses of cannabidiol provide energy.

A  study  earlier   in 1977   showed that rodents who received a dose of 20 mg CBD remained shorter in the deep sleep phase.

According to the researchers, this suggests that CBD stimulates alertness.

However, this study also showed that the animals had an inverse effect at 40 mg, they stayed in deep sleep longer.

Vigilance has also decreased.

After receiving a high dose for 15 consecutive days, the test animals developed a tolerance for the drug.

3. CBD counteracts calming THC

According to another study, CBD can also counteract the soothing effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (  THC  ).

For example, in 2014, when the results of this   clinical study  on the effect of CBD and THC on eight young adults were published in the   Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 

Small amounts of CBD stimulate alertness and inhibit the calming effect of THC.

In the double-blind placebo controlled trial, participants took 15 mg of THC, 5 mg of THC and CBD or a combination of 15 mg of THC and CBD in an oral spray before bed.

At the highest dose, the THC / CBD combination appeared to stimulate alertness rather than subside.

In the lower combination dose, phase 3 sleep has been shortened, the first phase of deep sleep.

This may indicate that CBD inhibits the sedative / narcotic effects of THC and stimulates alertness in people at these doses.

The 15 mg dose of THC did not have a negative effect on the sleep cycle.

4. High dose of CBD against insomnia

According to  a   1981 study published in the   Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, high doses of CBD help fight insomnia   .

A 160 mg dose of CBD was, according to the publication, a more effective sedative than a placebo.


CBD to sleep? The more, the better.

This experiment had 15 participants, each receiving 40, 60 and 160 mg of CBD.

They also received a placebo and 5 mg of Nitrazepam sleeping aid, spread over a five-week period.

The 160 mg dose of CBD had a very positive effect on sleep and was associated with fewer sleep interruptions.

However, after such high doses of CBD, the participants managed to make fewer dreams.

5. Terpenen

Eating a mango can affect the effect of your THC extract or CBD.

Many of these studies have focused solely on isolated CBD extracts that are injected directly into the patient or administered orally.

However, a cannabis strain rich in CBD can have a different effect on sleep than a CBD isolate.

In the cannabis plant, in addition to cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, other substances can also affect sleep.

Many of these substances are aromatic chemicals, terpenes.

These give each plant a unique smell and taste, but also send off its medicinal effect.

Myrcene (also common in mangoes) and linalool (lavender) are two of   the most   dormant terpenes  .

The release of taking these terpenes by e-liquid or simply eating a mango can also influence the effect of your THC or a CBD extract.

The presence of these substances in the CBD oil can contribute to the extent to which it induces sleep – or not.

This phenomenon, where a combination of these substances is more effective than an isolate is known as the surrounding effect.

The presence of THC in such an extract can further stimulate drowsiness caused by terpenes.

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The 5 best supplements for a good night’s sleep


Cibdol’s Meladol provides a better night’s sleep with the hormone melatonin and CBD.

Meladol, Cibdol’s unique liposomal liquid formula generates a deep permeability of the active ingredient CBD into the tissue for a more structured and peaceful sleep.

Unlike pharmaceutical sleeping pills, Meladol contains natural ingredients for symptoms such as stress and insomnia.


Cibdol – Meladol: a strong liposomal formula to promote a quieter night’s rest

Sleep plays an incredibly important role in the successful development of humans.

Physical and mental functions depend on a healthy sleep cycle.

While sleep has been widely studied, the cycle of human sleep is influenced by many factors that can be problematic for many people.

Chronic sleep disorders can be a serious problem and, in some cases, can lead to extreme fatigue or memory loss.

Since we recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep for human functioning, Cibdol has created a new supplement to CBD – Meladol.

Meladol contains the active ingredient  CBD  and the natural hormone melatonin, and is therefore a completely natural way of promoting sleep.



Melatonin has a variety of human health functions, including sleep-wake rhythm.

People produce the hormone melatonin naturally in the pineal gland.

The body’s biological clock influences the sleep-wake rhythm and determines the amount of melatonin produced by the body.

Melatonin levels rise naturally in the afternoon and decrease in the morning.

This ensures a healthy and normal night rest.

However, due to the blue light of the electronics screens, the production of melatonin is disrupted, making it difficult to sleep peacefully.

By taking melatonin supplements, you can ensure a longer and better sleep, regardless of blue light and other factors such as stress.

Meladol contains melatonin to slow down the sleep time, you fall asleep faster.


Meladol’s liposomal formula ensures that as much CBD as possible reaches cells and tissues, allowing you to achieve more effective results.

Liposomes are protective “bubbles” that carry the active ingredients along the membranes to the areas that need them.


A common cause of insomnia in people is stress.

Nowadays, you have to deal with an infinite number of internal and external stressors in your life. This makes it difficult for your body and mind to relax.

CBD (oil)  has caused sedative effects, in which symptoms of physical and mental stress are avoided.

Although  CBD  does not always lead to sleep alone, it contributes to a firmer and calmer sleep and better REM sleep.

A lack of sleep weakens the body’s natural protection and can cause inflammation.

In this case, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions of CBD can counteract an unhealthy sleep pattern.


Meladol is an oral supplement in a convenient dropper bottle.

The product is a liposomal liquid that allows you, as a user, to accurately measure the maximum dosage of CBD and melatonin.


Cibdol manufactures first class CBD products, including CBD supplements, balms and sleep supplements.

At Cibdol, we believe in the full potential of CBD for a healthy lifestyle.

Our CBD comes from EU organic hemp fiber and has been tested by ourselves and others to ensure the presence of all-natural ingredients.

Cibdol consistently produces pure, high quality CBD products that do not contain psychoactive cannabinoids, harmful heavy metals or contaminants.


Instructions for use (Dosage)  
20 drops (about 1 ml) just before bedtime.


Amount30 ml
contents75 mg of CBD, 45 mg of melatonin, 19.5 of vitamin B6
Number of drops± 600
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That CBD is becoming increasingly well-known as THE dietary supplement is evident from the rising line of users.

Full of omega’s, amino acids and vitamins, according to the users, it promises many supplements. 

The  Panorama  has also devoted a large article to it.
Users speak here who use it against various disorders.

Dario a folk singer from Purmerend has also become an avid user.

Dario;  I heard a lot of positive messages from colleagues and my immediate environment.

I thought, if it does not work, then it does not harm.
I also become a day older, stiffly got out of my bed and became listless.
We also organize events and that consumes energy.
I’ve been using it for a while now and feel fitter again, do not lie awake again, get refreshed, and I’m sporting again.
In short, a must!

In de CBD olie

You have cannabis from which you can get stoned and you have CBD, which makes you seem healthy.

The first has been popular since the 60s of the last century. The second is on a huge advance as an alternative drug ..

‘My lung complaints and insomnia are over’

Name: Ina (67)

Location: Amstelveen

Profession: housewife, formerly a catering employee

Ina lives with her boyfriend in Amstelveen on a flat apartment. Ina takes her daily dose of CBD oil, because she has had a lot to do with her health lately.

She suffered from lung complaints last year. In addition, the after effects of alcohol addiction kept her awake at night.

She points to an empty ashtray.

“Until recently I liked to blow and that made me quieter.

But it also gave me cough complaints, I got it sometimes stuffy and coughed a lot because of the stuck mucus.

The doctor first thought that I had problems with heart problems, because I was so stuffy on my chest. “

She knocks on her upper body. “But it turned out to be lung problems. Shortly after, someone recommended CBD oil.

Since I take that oil, I have not been so stuffy anymore. In fact, the panting and wheezing is gone. “

Like many others, Ina heard about the oil. “It was someone I knew from the coffee shop.

He took it himself and said he would benefit from it. He himself suffered from pain in his hips. “

There was little harm, the knowledge had entrusted her.

There would be no health risk, as with regular medicines.

Ina explains: “That CBD is taken orally, they are just droplets. It is not really tasty, it tastes like old grass.

I take a quantity three times a day now.

You will not be stoned from it, you can not, because the amount of THC (the substance in the cannabis plant that you are stoned from) is negligible.

I did not even think it was bad, haha, because of blowing I was always quiet anyway.

But the oil had the big advantage for me that I did not have to smoke and therefore I did not induce coughing. “

Ina says that she was admitted several times in a rehab clinic for her smoking and drinking addiction.

Drink has been an absolute no go for several years now. She initially did smoke. This led to a smoking emphysema.

CBD Olie Helpt Me

Recently she also stopped smoking cigarettes. “The CBD oil helps me with that, which ensures that I do not immediately get caught in a cigarette. It keeps me in better balance.

Occasionally I take a joint every weekend, although it is also much less than in the past.

I feel less pressure here now. “She points again at her chest.

As a former alcoholic she had trouble sleeping for a long time. “In fact, alcoholics drink away all problems.

If that stops drinking, they lie down at night. I was also bothered by that. With that CBD oil I am a bit calmer, so to speak. “

She nods to her friend, who is sitting next to her. “He now takes his glass of Bacardi-cola in the evening and I take my drop.”

Soon she will go on holiday with her boyfriend.

Then the CBD must stay in the closet for a moment. Even if the stuff – as in the Netherlands – is not necessarily illegal in other European countries, it can still raise questions.

“That will be for a moment. I can not say that I can hardly do without. “

‘I feel more vital’

Name: Dario Kreuger (54)

Location: Purmerend

Profession: singer, promoter and entertainer

Dario Kreuger started as a singer in the après ski genre.

Since about ten years he has focused on the life song.

He recently scored a fat Nederpophit with the song Wat Een Ander Ook Zegt.

This ras-Jordanian is also a user of CBD oil.

Dario, sipping a glass of lemonade:

“It is buzzing at the moment of the stories.

You hear from people who have turned out to be better off.

You hear all sorts of things, sometimes too ridiculous for words, that it is almost impossible. “

The singer refers to a number of stories that can be read on the internet, for example.

People with a malignant cancer cured against all expectations of their illness.

Often even after the regular medical class had given up.

The number of tumor cells would have decreased drastically after taking CBD oil.

Dario himself is very healthy.

“But I am an artist and 54 years old.

That lifestyle of mine is, of course, predatory.

I perform about fourteen times a month, a hundred and seventy performances a year.

And I am no longer the youngest.

On some days I felt a little stiff. But now that I use that oil for about eight months, I feel better.

I take three drops a day, it makes me more vital and I sleep better.

And besides: I also hear better. As a singer I perform a lot with an ear in system.

I noticed that my hearing became less and less of that. I lost about 50 percent. But that is now coming back, since I use it. “

He bends over: “I will tell you: I feel like I am 25 years old.

That starts with waking up. It feels like I have slept sixteen hours so to speak, very cheerful, immediately back to the people.

Those joints that do it smoothly again. It’s now hupsakee, the bed, shoes on, breakfast and then to the gym. “

Dario is by no means the only one in his family who has a bottle of CBD in the fridge.

But until recently, it was a little short of regularity to be able to really benefit from it.

“I sometimes took it, sometimes not and then the draft comes in, the effect then goes out. I always took dietary supplements with training.

This also applies: if you do not use it regularly, it does not make sense. “

Like many other people who take CBD oil, he has also recommended the drug to others.

He calls friendly singers and singers from the entertainment industry as Renée de Haan, the Jordanian singer with a throat of gold, known from Vuile Huichelaar, deceased in 2016.

“She had colon cancer and was actually uitbehandeld. She also used CBD in her last months.

Her blood values ​​were getting better. That really gave her life at the last moment quality. “

The only problem is the taste.

“That stuff can not be hidden away. But it really works.

I also see that in others. They often come to me: Hey, boy, do you have a few of those drops for me? “

‘It helps me to stop the stress’

Name: Kees Conijn (67)

Place of residence: Village in the head of North Holland

Profession: caretaker, former transport driver

The wife of Kees Conijn suffers from a muscle disease.

Kees worked as a driver for a company for a long time, but that became too heavy at one point.

Kees had to fully focus on the home situation. He now provides full-time for his life partner.

He shows his CBD bottle.

The stuff is normally on his bedside table, is dark green and looks thick, like olive oil.

It tastes terrible, he says: “If I take three drops, I can not say anything else for the first two minutes, haha.

But I really miss it if I do not take it. “

Kees has been using two CBD oil for a year.

“I started it at the same time as my wife. It would be good for sleep, and that is obvious.

Because since then I sleep through the night when I’ve taken those drops. “

For many years, Kees has been distributing packages as a driver.

It was hard work, not only because he was behind the wheel a lot, but also because when he was home he tried to support his wife.

Kees says ‘almost’ to have a burnout.

After much consultation with his life partner, his employer and the health insurance company, he was able to make financial arrangements so that he can now be there 24 hours a day for his wife.

Kees says that he also needs regularity without a permanent employer.

Even if he stays at home now, there are fixed ‘working hours’ for him.

“Yes, it has to be the same with me every day. If something is not right, I am quick from my proposition. “

He points to the bottle of CBD oil. “With this stuff I can handle the daily irregularities better.

The blood pressure is good, the weight is good and they also say that I look good for someone of 67 years old! “

He should have used it much earlier, he says now.

He looks back on the difficult period for his resignation as a driver with a permanent employment contract.

“Then I wanted to leave, away from this situation. I was looking for a solution, but I did not know where to find it.

For example, it seemed like a good plan to sell the house and live somewhere else.

Do not ask me why. This stuff helps me to stop the stress. “

His wife was initially also enthusiastic about CBD, but decided to stop.

Kees explains: “She noticed that her muscle strength – which is already not optimal – was reduced by taking the CBD oil.

She has now switched to a different treatment method. “

Kees looks satisfied: “In the past everything had to be ready yesterday.

Now I just want to finish it nicely. For example, I recently completed a hobby project with which I have been working for twenty years: a wooden mill for the garden.

Small solar panel at the Lidl buy, you can put light on it. I worked on my dead egg on it. “

He also talks about another project: an aviary he recently put into the varnish.

“Are they saying that you are becoming more energetic about this stuff?” He laughs. “Yes, haha, that can be correct yes.”

Wat is CBD?

You could call CBD the little brother of the weed that can be bought in the coffee shops.

The difference: you get stoned from the marijuana as we have known it for a while.

That is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a component with a psychoactive effect.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the other ‘active’ components of the hemp plant.

CBD is one (of many) active substances that are extracted from leaves and flower tops from industrial hemp (hemp), a hemp variety that is legally cultivated, such as in the Netherlands in East Groningen.

It is sold as a food supplement at drugstores, in the form of oil and capsules, and as a component of other products, for example skin care products.

On the internet there are also many individual providers of the homeopathic product.

The oil received massive attention in 2013 when CNN broadcast a now legendary documentary about a 3-year-old American girl with epilepsy.

Charlotte Figi suffered from violent attacks (up to 200 per week) from her first months of life and largely lost out with CBD oil.

Pioneer of the resource is the Canadian architect Rick Simpson.

He suffered from skin cancer himself and was specified by the regular medical stand.

One day he decided to look for alternative medicine himself. On that road he ended up at CBD. He learned that himself.

By taking it himself, his illness disappeared like snow in the sun.

He then collaborated on documentaries and educational programs. In the Netherlands, lessons are also offered where you can learn to make CBD yourself.

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