Soan CBD-olie “Soan” PRIMAL COLOR ODAKYU Eerste pop-up gehouden in de Shonan GATE-winkel in 2023

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CBD-olie “Soan” PRIMAL COLOR ODAKYU Eerste pop-up gehouden in Shonan GATE-winkel ~Het eerste pop-up-evenement wordt gehouden in “PRIMAL COLOR ODAKYU Shonan GATE” van 29 november (di) tot 5 december (ma)~

Een wellnessmerk dat klanten nieuwe gewoonten voor zelfzorg voorstelt met de kracht van CBD-olie en natuurlijke terpenen.
Soan Co., Ltd. (hoofdkantoor: 3-20-2 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokio; vertegenwoordigend directeur: Masaki Takahashi) is verheugd aan te kondigen dat vanaf morgen, 29 november (dinsdag) tot 5 december (maandag), 2022, [PRIMAL COLOR ODAKYU Announcement of the first pop-up event at Shonan GATE store].
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All 6 types of high-quality CBD oil (for People/for Pets) developed by Soan Co., Ltd. will be on sale for a limited time at PRIMAL COLOR ODAKYU Shonan GATE, a select shop that carefully selects organic and natural cosmetics and miscellaneous goods from Japan and overseas. CBD has become a common word these days.
Many people may feel that “I am curious, but I don’t really understand what CBD is”, “I can’t find a reason to buy it because it is expensive”, and “I am somewhat uneasy”.
In response to such voices, you can actually try Soan’s CBD oil in your hands at the store.
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A select shop that carefully selects organic and natural cosmetics and miscellaneous goods from Japan and overseas.
The lineup includes world-famous organic cosmetics brands such as “John Masters Organic” and “Neal’s Yard Remedies,” “uka” from a total beauty salon, and “100%” that delivers the power of fruits and vegetables directly to the skin. Pure”, and “ZAO Organic”, a skincare makeup brand that focuses on organic yet coloring, and more than 14 brands. We also have aroma and miscellaneous goods, and propose a natural and comfortable lifestyle.
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Affordable luxury for every aspect of life
With the theme of affordable luxury, it is a lifestyle proposal shop that proposes high-quality commitment to daily necessities that appear in various scenes of life. A fabric mist that is natural and soothes the body in the bedroom. Eco-friendly and stylish detergent for your sink. Cleanse your mind and body gently in the bathroom. Cosmetics that bring out your individuality in front of the dresser. Add color to your ordinary life, welcome the morning with a rich heart, and end the day peacefully. Such an encounter with primal color.

What is CBD
CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main ingredients in hemp, and it helps us restore our natural balance.
In 2018, the World Health Organization highly evaluated the safety of CBD, and it is spreading around the world, mainly in Europe and the United States, as a support for wellness life.
Soan’s CBD Oil Features
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▪️A special “terpene” recipe that sets the direction for CBD! How and which terpenes are combined determines the direction of CBD oil. The characteristic of Soan’s CBD oil is that it is manufactured by adjusting the type and composition of terpenes depending on the product so that the maximum appeal can be achieved according to the purpose.
Terpenes alone have a lot to offer to our bodies and minds, but when taken together, terpenes and CBD are much more powerful in supporting our health.
Soan’s plant-derived CBD oil, which is rich in vitality, is made with natural terpenes extracted from fruits and plants such as limonene found in oranges and lemons, citral fruit extracted from lemongrass, and linalool extracted from lavender and bergamot. blended in a suitable ratio.
In addition, it is a plant-derived ingredient and is free of preservatives and additives.
▪️An organic taste that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth! Because we thoroughly pursued the taste, we have created a CBD oil that you can continue to use without overdoing it!
Soan CBD oil has been thoroughly researched on the taste and pursued to be easy to incorporate as a habit.
Uses oils such as olive oil and grapeseed oil that are “delicious even on their own” as a base.
“Morning Motivate” adds lemon oil with a refreshing taste.
▪️Consistent production system & organic cultivation that is particular about everything from seeds to packaging! Ethical manufacturing for the future
The hemp, which is the raw material of the product, is from a farm with a long history in Maine, USA.
Carefully organically grown by producers who have a deep professional knowledge of hemp and CBD.
Of course, carrier oil (base oil) and terpenes are procured from excellent agricultural partners who also cultivate under strict standards.
In order for you to pick it up with peace of mind, this organically grown CBD oil is all from seeds to packaging, and we have an integrated production system at affiliated farms, and we also support thorough traceability.
The batch number of the product makes it possible to track who cultivated it in which plot when.
Aiming for ethical manufacturing, we strive to minimize the burden on people, animals, and the natural environment in each part of manufacturing, packaging, and sales.

Sale product
For morning and daytime [Morning Motivate] voor mensen
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Don’t you have any worries about being chased by a busy and busy day? ・I feel sluggish even though I just woke up
・I want to get rid of sleepiness during the day
Feeling depressed for no reason
・I can’t concentrate
・Irritated at work or in relationships
・I can’t let go of impatience when I’m pressed for time
Recommended for such scenes and troubles
“Morning Motivate for morning and daytime” Broad spectrum CBD 600mg /30ml 16 kinds of natural terpenes extracted from fruits and plants, such as CBD oil, which gives life force derived from plants, limonene contained in oranges and lemons, and citral extracted from lemongrass, combined with the purpose of “Morning Motivate”, in exquisite proportions. Formulated.
The citrus scent will give you a refreshing feeling that will wake up your mind and body comfortably.
For night use [Recovery] voor mensen
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Quality sleep every day is essential for living a comfortable life with a balanced mind and body.
However, many modern people with a lot of stress have anxiety about sleeping. ・I can’t sleep
-waking up many times during the night
・I’m worried about the quality of my sleep
・ I should have slept, but I feel tired from the morning
・I don’t want to rely on medicine
・I have a lot of worries and worries, and I can’t calm down
Recommended for such scenes and troubles
“Recovery for night” Broad spectrum CBD1200mg /30ml
CBD oil that gives life force derived from plants, myrcene contained in hemp for the purpose of “Recovery”, and 11 types of terpenes extracted from fruits and plants such as linalool extracted from lavender and bergamot are blended in an exquisite ratio.
Enjoy a luxurious relaxing time before going to bed with the harmonious scent of lavender.
◆ [Balance for Pets] voor huisdieren voor dierbare honden en katten
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A pet dog who can’t express his mental and physical disturbances aloud may be sending out an SOS sign.
・ I’m not good at answering machines
・I bark a lot because of fear ・
Excitable and restless
・Worried about symptoms associated with aging
Afraid of thunder and loud noises
-Responsive to sounds and actions
・I’m worried about stress
・I’m not good at moving for a long time
Recommended for such scenes and troubles
“Balance for Pets” Isolate (CBD 150mg/30ml, CBD 450mg/30ml)
Thorough pursuit of flavors that dogs love!
The first clue that a dog feels “it looks delicious” and “want to eat” is still “smell”.
“Balance for Pets” has two flavors that dogs love after repeated research so that you can enjoy your usual meals even more and enjoy them all deliciously.
▪️Chicken flavor
▪️Bacon flavor
Picky and sensitive dogs will love it!
Just add an appropriate amount to your usual meal or snack! Of course, you can also use it directly in your mouth!
In addition, from small dogs to big dogs
We have 150mg of CBD for small to medium dogs (3-15kg) and 450mg of CBD for medium to large dogs (15-45kg).
Choose the product that suits your dog!

Maximize your ‘me’ with Soan CBD Oil
So that when you fall asleep, you will look forward to tomorrow. When you wake up, be excited to start the day.
Get the time to be yourself and live each day to the fullest. Soan’s CBD oil that snuggles up to various scenes of everyday life. A reward for yourself or a gift for someone special.
And to my beloved dog who always heals me.
Please feel free to try this opportunity.
popup details
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Adres: 21-1 Minamifujisawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-8580 Odakyu Shonan Gate 2F
TEL: 0466-52-7898
Openingstijden: 10:00 tot 20:00 uur
Periode: 29 november (dinsdag) tot 5 december (maandag), 2022


Bedrijfsnaam: Soan Co., Ltd.
Vertegenwoordiger Directeur: Masaki Takahashi
Contact: [email protected]

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