Shaping the Future of Consumption | Toronto Global Forum 2019 | Friday, September 6 in 2022

laatste update: 05-2022

As the geography of fast growing markets evolves and technological changes multiply, the global consumer landscape is changing drastically. What are the major consumer trends shaping markets today and how are brands tuning in to these changes? How do increased connectivity and social media use impact consumer behaviour and marketing approaches? What business strategies are being adopted to capture the growing middle class in emerging economies?

Moderator: Janet De Silva, President and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Region Board of Trade (TRBOT)
Speakers: Wendy Clark, Chief Executive Officer, DDB Worldwide
James L. Dinkins, President, Coca-Cola North America
Nicola Farinetti, Chief Executive Officer, Eataly North America
Franck Bruel, Executive Vice-President, supervising UK, LATAM (Latin America) and NORAM (US, Canada) Business Units, ENGIE

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