Our Cancer Journey Vid 7

laatste update: 05-2022

Heart attack to Gall stones to Leukemia. Our Cancer journey. As I/we progress I will start putting links in here. So much information and junk one will come across.

I will give as much as I can then your journey might be that little easier. Please keep checking description for new links as these vids/journey progress.

this video is hidden, go to my blog
for more info
This video can only be accessed via my blog due to youtube taking it down due to some copyright issues like they want it monetised and on Netflix, this makes me annoyed as it should be free info for the world.

Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Bicarb soda alkaline your body


Cannabis oil etc
I buy from the UK does not help for all and blocks opportunity. UPDATE 13/07/2017 still waiting for my order which has not arrived it may have been confiscated by UK customs

know the difference.

Be armed
This is a link to a PDF document that everyone who has a cancer of sorts more than 20 questions you are allowed to ask and must ask and obtain information including test results etc treat as your personal ”RIGHTS TO KNOW” if they do not answer or fail to supply you, then you have them basically ‘by the balls” you are in charge, not them. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO

Give blood for the UK

Heart attack and taking CBD
Research on CBD and what to take (Types off) is not a definite answer at this time as the cure-all for cancer and you will find it hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. However, through much research, I am closer to what works and the evidence comes from thousands of people who actually have and are using Cannabis oil. This site has useful information and I place it under ”Heart attack” because of CBD and blood pressure and the meds I am taking for it but please have a good look around of the website, in fact, have a look at everything in this description, knowledge is what you need.

Looking to change your body PH from acid to alkaline.
Read this report first before buying anything go for the bicarb way of alkalizing your body, watch vid 6.

The truth about Cancer

Heart attack and monitoring. Which to buy? %20monitors.pdf?dl=0 I have added this as it is important to monitor heart rate of you are taking alternative medicine Cabbanoids are known to lower heart rate which is not a bad thing but if you are taking a drug to lower heart rate then best keep an eye on yourself, should you see a lowering do not panic just drink some water or beverage about 4 times cups. Should there be no difference then STOP. I am not a doctor and can only offer my thoughts, information from my doctors and nurses and experience through testing. I would not put myself in danger so don’t put yourself in danger. Work with your doctor who is helping you and in this road of healing.

Subscribe to this and learn that there are other professionals in the world who probably know more than your NHS or your countries medical service. One is for the dollar the other is for the people.

All information is now here )

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