Medical Mary CBD Capsules

laatste update: 05-2022

Medical Mary’s line of capsules are among our most popular CBD products. And there’s a good reason for it. Just like our world-renowned oils, our capsules contain high-grade, hemp-derived CBD. They’re available in a wide selection of strengths to meet the individual needs of your personal physiology.

With the exception of our SOFTGELS, Medical Mary capsules are made with Isolate CBD, which means we don’t leave behind even a trace of THC in the manufacturing process. This can be important for people who expect to take blood tests and don’t want to risk THC showing up in the results.

But maybe the best reason to consider our capsules as a CBD delivery method is the extra health benefits you may enjoy. Except for our DAILY CAPSULES, each formulation pairs premium CBD with a thoughtful blend of powerful nutraceuticals to target specific aspects of your health or wellness concerns.

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