Making & Cutting Hemp Oil CP Soap

laatste update: 05-2022

This video is a tutorial for technique and design meant for soapers who have a firm understanding of CP soap making. It is not an instruction for basic soap making.

This is my first foray into hemp oil soap. And after the fact I can confirm this oil makes the butteryest, creamiest soap ever! A tester said it best “It is like bathing with a creamy chunk of avocado.” She is so right!

This is a bastile soap. coloured with chromium oxide. I had planned on using titanium dioxide to help lighten the yell, but in the end I opted to leave it it’s natural colour. The disign is a simple drop swirl. This soap batter moves far slower than my usual recipe, So waiting for it to firm enough to layer it was beyond me. LOL

Enjoy! Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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