Is CBD good for libido?

Can CBD improve your sex life?

It is a popular opinion that getting high or drinking alcohol can relax you and make you feel comfortable when it comes to sex. But both things can also damage your body and mind.

CBD oil is the answer in a case like this because it offers all the positive benefits of cannabis without the psychotic effect of THC.

There are many people who have no faith when it comes to sex. They are always confused and afraid that if they did something wrong, they would eventually be embarrassed.

However, it has been found that some people are so afraid of having sex that they would rather avoid the situation altogether. This is the reason why their libido is affected.

They are looking for a solution that can help them deal with this situation.

Recently the medicinal benefits of CBD are gaining popularity. CBD oil has been shown to be effective in the case of sex life. Here’s how it can help you improve your sex life.

What is CBD

The abbreviation “CBD” stands for Cannabidio l. It is extracted from the hemp of marijuana plants and has proven to be the most critical cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

However, it should be emphasized here that CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive effect on the human brain.

CBD helps to maintain various psychological processes through interaction with receptors in the nervous system and in the immune system. In addition, the body itself produces cannabinoids as part of the functions of the endocannabinoid system.

CBD differs from THC in many ways and researchers claim it also helps control the damage that THC can cause to the human brain and body. In that sense CBD can help anxiety or paranoia.

Therefore, with a constant ratio of CBD species , THC is a preferred option when it comes to consuming marijuana. The CBD regulates the effect of THC on body and mind.

It is not necessary to get high to be positive

It has been found that most people prefer to get high for sex. They think it will help them get rid of all the negative feeling.

They depend on alcohol or THC for the positive feeling. It may be good for a while, but you will eventually become addicted to it.

It means that you will find it difficult to have sex without THC or alcohol. On the other hand, CBD oil will naturally enhance the positive effects.

There are no psychotic effects of the CBD oil and therefore you will not have to deal with addiction. It will of course improve positive emotions and you will enjoy your sex life.

CBD relieves stress and relaxes your mind

There are many people who suffer from a lack of sexual desire due to stress.

1. Stress affects the release of sexual hormones and therefore your libido will decrease over time

2. You will usually be frustrated and this irritable feeling will not let you enjoy sex even if you want to.

3. Most people are stressed about sex and it is difficult for them to concentrate during sexual activity

CBD oil helps to solve all these problems. It will relax the muscles of your body so that you do not become tense during sexual activity.

After that CBD will help to relieve stress so that you can perform confidently. It will help you to satisfy your partner in the best possible way.

CBD oil improves libido

It has been found that most people do not find the desire to have sex. They are not stressed or have to deal with other problems.

The only problem is that they are not interested in sex and when they want, their body will not respond properly. You can solve this problem using CBD oil.

It will help stimulate the release of all sex hormones that will help you get in the mood. Once your libido has increased, there is no one who can stop you from having a great time.

Make sure you use your CBD at least one hour before bedtime. It has helped you to do your best.


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CBD improves energy and keeps endurance

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that it improves the energy level in your body.

There are many people who cannot satisfy their partner because they get tired. Endurance is very important for perfect sex and that is not possible if you do not have much energy.

This problem can be solved with the help of CBD. It increases energy production in the body by increasing metabolism. You no longer have to worry about fatigue during sex.


There are many people who are afraid of the pain they may experience during sex because it is their first time.

That is why they are stressed and unable to do their best. Most women have to deal with this problem because they have to bear the pain.

However, with the CBD you do not have to deal with this situation. Whether you take it before or after sex, CBD helps you relive the pain so that you are no longer afraid of having sex.

This allows you to enjoy your sexual life in the best possible way.

CBD works well for men and women

There are various natural herbs and plants that are used to increase libido in both men and women.

Most of them work for men, but respond to women. That’s why people are often confused. However, with CBD you do not have to address this problem.

The reason is that it has the same positive effects on both men and women. It will create a win-win situation because women will notice an increase in her libido, while erections in men will be improved.

It means there is no need to look for other solutions when you have CBD in stock.

No documented side effects

Most products and even herbs that are available to increase libido have certain side effects or they lead to allergic reactions that are often difficult to control.

However, in the case of CBD you do not have to address any of these issues. It is safe to use and you get the positive effects with a limited dose.

You do not have to worry about any kind of addiction when it comes to CBD. It will help you to solve the problems you are suffering from and then you can stop using it.

Improve erectile dysfunction

It has been found that there are many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. In these situations, men cannot maintain their erections, affecting their performance.

However, using CBD will improve your performance. It will help to stimulate the release of hormones that help you maintain erections and you will not be ashamed.

How does CBD affect libido?

To understand how CBD can help your sex life, let’s go back to how researchers think CBD works on the body.

There are small receptors in your body that are part of an entire system that scientists call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Consider these receptors as the locks that the key – in this case CBD – can activate.

Although CBD does not ‘unlock’ them directly, it can cause a series of reactions in the body that stimulate the system. Due to the indirect activation of CBD, the body reacts in various ways, including as anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsive.

The research

According to a 2009 article published in the Annals magazine of the New York Academy of Sciences, researchers have found ECS receptors in the genitals, such as the testicles. They are also present in the brain.

What happens next is controversial. Some studies have shown that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC increase libido, while others have found that they reduce it.

An article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Trusted Sourc reported that chronic cannabis use in men diminished sex drive. The more they use, the lower their sexual drive is.

Other research suggests that CBD products can improve libido by reducing anxiety. Some people worry about sexual performance, which reduces their libido. Relieves fear, and the desire for sex can go up.

An overview of the currently available literature on CBD and anxiety published in the journal Neurotherapeutics discovered that CBD can reduce anxiety, including social anxiety disorder.

However, there are not many tests on people on this subject, so it is difficult to recommend CBD doses or to say that it works.

For this reason, many reports about CBD that help sex drive are anecdotal. Maybe your friend has tried it and is enthusiastic about it.

But then your other friend didn’t feel anything else. Since there are not many specific studies on CBD and libido, it is hard to say that it helps now.


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Does CBD have other sexual benefits?

There is not much research on CBD and sexual benefits, but there are emerging products on the market that are designed to help with the following sexual concerns.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

According to an article in the journal BioMed Research International, Ayurveda practitioners have been using Cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana and CBD are derived, for many years to improve ejaculation and sexual performance.

The exact way CBD ED can help is not yet entirely clear. One theory is that CBD can help relax blood vessels and promote blood flow. Better blood flow to the penis can relieve ED and promote long-term sex.

The problem is that doctors have not specifically tested the effects of CBD on the penis. A small study published in the journal JCI Insight discovered that a single dose of CBD helped to lower blood pressure.

But the researchers in this study looked at arteries that led to the heart and not those to the groin.

Poor lubrication

For those struggling with dryness and painful sex, adding a lubricant can improve sexual performance and relieve pain. Many CBD manufacturers make lubricants with CBD as a means to enhance sexual pleasure.

Researchers have studied the effects of topical CBD as a dermatological treatment. According to a 2010 article in the journal Fitoterapia, current CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect that could make sex more comfortable in theory.

However, there are no specific studies on CBD and lubrication.

Low sex drive

Another theory is that cannabis directly affects sexual desire in the brain.

A 2017 study of cannabis users discovered that cannabis activated the part of people’s brains that control sexual arousal.

The authors concluded that the use of cannabis can be useful for people with a low sexual drive.

The verdict

It is certainly possible that CBD can reduce ED, increase sexual pleasure and stimulate libido, but there is not enough current research to prove these theories.

Any drawback to try?

The possible side effects of CBD usually depend on how you use it.

Some people may have an allergic reaction to CBD or the components used to deliver the product, such as oils or odors.

Others report stomach upset, loss of appetite and fatigue after using CBD, but the symptoms are usually mild. Drug interactions are also possible.

Although CBD may have benefits when it comes to sex itself, scientists are concerned about how the use of the cannabis plant affects fertility.

A research review from 2006, published in the journal Endocrine Reviews, listed some known effects of marijuana use on fertility. Among which:

– lowers levels of follicle-stimulating hormone in men and women

– reduces the normal development of sperm in men, which can reduce fertilization

– affects a woman’s normal reproductive cycle, including ovulation

The most important consideration here is that these are the effects of cannabis that also contains THC, the cannabinoid that causes a high.

Scientists have not broken out the fertility effects of cannabinoid, so it’s hard to say whether CBD, THC or anything else in cannabis is the concern.

If you are hesitant to use THC or have legal access to it, you can adhere to hemp-derived CBD. Hemp is the cannabis plant that only contains traces of THC (not enough to cause a high).

If you are considering having a baby with your partner in the coming years, you may want to talk to your doctor or worry about using CBD for sex or any other purpose.

It comes down to it

CBD products designed to improve sex are becoming more available. At the moment there is more than just research into how well the products work.

Because CBD products do not currently have many known side effects, they may be worth trying if you are looking for ways to improve your sex life.

However, if you are considering having a baby with your partner, talk to your doctor about the risks of using CBD products.

Is CBD legal?

CBD products derived from hemp (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal at the federal level, but are still illegal under some state laws.

Marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal at federal level, but are legal under some state laws.

Check the laws of your state and those of wherever you travel. Please note that non-prescription CBD products have not been approved by the FDA and may have been labeled inaccurately.

What you need to know about the use of CBD in the bedroom

If you are interested in experimenting with CBD in your sex life, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is what you need to know about getting started:

Buy a quality product
Don’t just grab for CBD products. Read reviews and check whether a product has been verified by an independent laboratory before you buy it.

You should also keep in mind that CBD can be derived from hemp or marijuana and that CBD products derived from marijuana contain THC.

The two cannabinoids work best when used together, producing what experts call an “entourage effect.”

Although hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, they also differ in their THC content. Hemp must contain less than 0.3 percent to be legal at the federal level.

Marijuana has a higher concentration of THC.

CBD dosering

When it comes to CBD dosing, everyone is different, and there is no conclusive evidence about how much CBD someone should take for certain effects or health benefits.

“Start low and go slow,” says Capano. “Titrate slowly every few days, and as you get more benefits, continue.

If you add more and you do not feel better or start to feel worse, go back to the previous dose. “

Use CBD before you go to the bedroom

CBD does not necessarily work the moment you decide to use it, whether you apply it as a lubricant or take it orally.

Plan ahead and start taking – or applying – 30 to 60 minutes before you go into the bedroom to give it enough time to kick in.

It’s hard to tell how many people use CBD in the bedroom, but a recent survey of 5,398 Americans from Remedy Review, a website that focuses on CBD and natural remedies for health, found that 9.3 percent of respondents have CBD for sex used.

The majority of those respondents said their orgasms were more intense after taking CBD.

It is important that you take CBD in the normal dose. The use of the oil is a better option because it will mix easily with your body and show more positive effects.

CBD Products that are sold in (online) stores may legally contain no more than 0.2% THC.

All products on  contain  no or hardly any THC .

You can therefore not get high and there is also  no risk  of an overdose.

For the use of CBD oil you can read further in our  CBD guide .


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