Episode 3: Psoriasis and CBD – One week later

laatste update: 05-2022

Here’s the spoiler – it seems like nothing is happening with my psoriasis after having taken 5% CBD oil for about a week now. But, trying to keep the faith, we will keep on keeping on and see if it requires a buildup in my system for it to work.

In this episode, Drew also ponders his lifestyle choices and how they may be affecting his psoriasis. Drinking too much coffee; eating too much meat (even the smoked stuff); drinking too much alcohol? Yes, on all counts, and these things, he believes, all may contribute to inflammation.

He’s pondering whether it would be a good idea to set himself a challenge, like not drinking alcohol for a few weeks to see what happens to his psoriasis.

Drew is curious what is bringing others to his videos on psoriasis. Feel free to share who you are and why you’re watching, as well as any comments or questions you may have.

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