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Our Best CBD Oil: 20% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Premium

CBD Oil Full Spectrum 20% Cannabas Premium Exclusive

This CBD Oil from Cannabas, with a percentage of no less than 20%, is of very high quality and contains the full spectrum of beneficial ingredients.

The oil is produced from CBD Paste that is mixed with pure organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

The beneficial ingredients include CBD, CBDV, CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV and several natural terpenes.

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CBD products from MediHemp

The family business Medihemp arose a few years ago from the desire of the founders to use all the good things of Mother Nature to live a more pleasant life.

With that in mind they have put together high-quality products and a diverse range of CBD products.

Fully certified organic

All products from Medihemp are certified organic and meet strict requirements.

Sales, production and export proceed according to: Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, AT BIO-301, FN 78753p, 2202 Enzersfeld Austria.

Conducting an organic certification ensures that Medihemp is distinctive in the sale of CBD products.

Medihemp is SKAL certified; this label ensures certainty through strict checks on the raw materials and production methods used.

MediHemp CBD oil RAW and PURE

CBD Oil Organic Full Spectrum Raw 10% 30ml - MediHemp-1

Within the CBD range, Medihemp offers various CBD oils: Raw and Pure.

De CBD oil Raw is produced completely cold, leaving all cannabinoids (CBN, CBDA, CBV, CBG) and various terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic compounds.

During the production process of the CBD oil Pure, heat is used, so that only CBD is extracted from the plant.

This creates a pure CBD oil. Both the Pure and the Raw are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

View MediHemp CBD Oil Products Raw>

MediHemp CBD oil Olive oil

The CBD oil with olive oil is - just like the CBD oil Raw - extracted completely cold, but with olive oil instead of hemp seed oil as a carrier oil.

This makes this CBD oil rich in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and has a milder taste.

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CBG oil

02.1 cbg-oil-medihemp-5 percent-10ml-1

CBG - abbreviated for cannabigerol - can be seen as the precursor to CBD.

After some time, the hemp plant converts the CBG cannabinoids into CBD.

That is why a highly controlled production method is necessary.

Via supercritical CO2 extraction, Medihemp extracts the CBG from the hemp plant, after which they dilute it with cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

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CBD Capsules

Medihemp's CBD capsules contain 2,5% or 5% CBD oil Raw.

The capsules are vegan and packed with CBD, CBDA, terpenes and flavonoids.

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New: Immuno Elixirs from Chaga Health

immuno elixir chaga health

Immuno Elixir is a concentrate of overall health and immune system enhancing ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, plants and herbs.



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Why buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

cbb oil full spectrum range

  • More beneficial substances
  • Controlled production
  • High Concentration CBD
  • Need less of it

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More information about CBD Oil


Why do we recommend Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Contrary to CBD Oil that you can get at the well-known discounters and drugstores, it contains high quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil beneficial components the entire hemp plant.

Read here why you should choose Full Spectrum CBD Oil for a optimal result.


Loving customer reviews

MHBioShop CBD Oil Customer ReviewsRead more reviews>




Own warehouse

We do not have an expensive and luxurious retail property, which allows us to keep our costs low and use these savings to test the best products and provide you with good advice.

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Only Buy The Best CBD Oil
We sell CBD Oil of only the best quality as shown Medihemp CBD Oil Raw, the high quality brand Cannabas Full Spectrum Premium and Cibdol.

Buy CBD Oil Capsules
You can also contact us cbd oil capsules ordering for example 10mg, from the brand Medihemp or Cibdol.
The CBD oil Cibdol comes from Switzerland.
Buy CBD Oil Full Spectrum
We also supply CBD Oil Full Spectrum, in which all parts of the plant are used, from the brands Medihemp Raw en Cannabas Premium.

Buy CBD Plasters
De CBD Patch is a new product that offers great advantages.

Certainly if, for example, you do not like the taste of CBD Oil, find it difficult to maintain the discipline of counting drops and swallowing several times, etc.


CBD Oil Effect

►► Download the free CBD Guide here

What Does CBD Oil Do For You?

CBD is an abbreviation of the active substance: CannaBiDiol.

CBD is one of the beneficial components of cannabis and hemp, and it balances the immune system.

Using CBD can have a positive effect on common ailments, illnesses and annoying complaints.

Consider, for example, sleeping problems, anxiety disorders, anxiety, epilepsy and many more applications.

The use of CBD oil has proven to be very successful in a wide variety of patients with various conditions.

CBD oil is actually a medicinal cannabis oil that contains only a very low percentage of THC.

As a result, the CBD oil can almost always be freely bought and used worldwide.

For detailed information about CBD Oil and proper use, download our free CBD Guide.

►► Download the free CBD Guide here


CBD Sleeping

There is now a special CBD sleep supplement to help you sleep better CBD Night.

This supplement ensures a better night's sleep, with a unique formula based on CBD.

For example, this night's rest supplement contains a unique formula of CBD, Melatonin, MCT Oil and Terpenes.

CBD Night has been periodically lab tested, and exclusively available here>

The benefits of CBD Night:

- Easier to fall asleep.
- Sleep better for 30 to 50 nights.
- Unique sleeping formula.
- Natural ingredients.
- Periodically lab tested.

Read more about CBD Night here>



CBD Oil Videos on YouTube and Facebook

Every day there are interesting videos about CBD oil, including user experiences, new developments, tests (such as at Tros Radar), products and reviews./

== >> View our special CBD Video page here which is regularly updated.

== >> View the Dutch CBD Olie YouTube Channel here

== >> View CBD Oil information on our Facebook Page

Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil For The Best Results


High Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant with a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil for optimal health benefits.
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Also International Delivery.


Supplier of Jacob Hooy CBD Oil Products

Read more about Jacob Hooy CBD Oil>



What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil and what are the benefits?

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CB-G Oil Full Spectrum

Lately referred to as “the new CBD”, CBG (Cannabigerol) is the “OG cannabinoid” or the primary cannabinoid from which all other cannabinoids are derived.

This amazing cannabinoid holds a tremendous amount of therapeutic promise in addition to CBD.

> read more about CBG Oil here


Your CBD Oil Drugstore

We are a personal one CBD Oil pharmacy and health food store, so you can also contact us for questions.

Use the telephone number at the top right or whatsapp number at the bottom of our website.


CBD Oil Offers and Discounts
We regularly have a CBD oil offer or discount where you can buy CBD Oil cheaply.

You will receive a discount immediately if you use our free CBD guide download in the form of a 10% first order discount.

See this page for this:


CBD Oil Pros and Cons
Despite the many cbd oil benefits, there are of course also CBD Oil disadvantages, you can read more information through various articles on our site, we also discuss cbd oil experiences and cbd oil which you can or cannot use better.

See for the links to the articles at the bottom of our website.


CBD Oil Reviews and Experiences
CBD Oil reviews, experiences and frequently asked questions about cbd oil are also present, especially the percentages of 20% and at least 30% is appreciated by our customers.


CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats
We have recently started supplying controlled CBD Oil for dogs and cats, by means CBD pastilles for cats, en CBD dog treats.


Worldwide delivery
We deliver throughout the world.

Looking for CBD Oil on prescription?
However, if you are looking for CBD Oil with THC (the substance that gets you high), we recommend that you order it as CBD oil on prescription from a CBD Oil pharmacy that is legally allowed to supply it such as the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague.

We are not allowed to supply this because CBD Oil with a percentage higher than 0.02% cannot be sold by law through (online) stores.


CBD Oil test reports
All products on our site have test reports that can be requested from the manufacturer, with some products they are already included.

This way you can be sure that you get a tested and checked product and can use it safely.

Cheap CBD Oil often does not have this, or contains too much olive oil or fillers that do not belong there and therefore also has a much too low CBD percentage, so that you do not notice the effect of CBD.

Read more here about why you shouldn't use cheap CBD Oil that include. available at well-known discounters and drugstores.

CBD Oil where to buy?
As you can see, you no longer have to search for CBD Oil, because we will help you quickly and professionally with the right CBD oil.

Handy CBD Plasters

CBD Plasters Normal, Strong and Extra Strong

De CBD Patch is a new product that offers great advantages.

Certainly if, for example, you do not like the taste of CBD Oil, find it difficult to maintain the discipline of counting drops and swallowing several times, etc.

In addition to CBD, the patches also contain the active cannabinoids CBN, CBC, CBCD, CBG, THCV and THC.

Read all about these new CBD Plasters >>

Useful information for you:

CBD Oil Brands and Manufacturers

We only supply brands where quality is guaranteed.

Cannabas Premium CBD Products

We are proud to be a selected supplier of Cannabas Full Spectrum Premium CBD Products.

Our customers are very satisfied with the high quality 20% and 30% CBD Oil that is not available in the store. 

View the Cannabas Premium CBD Products >>


buy medihemp cbd oil

Medihemp products are made from EU certified, hand-sorted organic fiber hemp from Austria according to BIO certificate AT-BIO-301.

All Medihemp products are certified organic.

Natural CBD Oil Raw, where everything is used from the pure, raw plant, also called full spectrum CBD Oil.

Extract made with cold supercritical CO2 extraction.

Ingredients: Flavonoids, Terpenes, Phenols, CBG, CBN, CBC and Hemp Seed Oil.

Medihemp also supplies this oil in the form of handy cannabis oil capsules.

View CBD Products >>




What exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD oil or Cannabidiol is one non-psychotic cannabinoid which is extracted from the leaves of industrial hemp.

Unlike cannabis sold on the black market, this plant is perfectly legal.

The plant is genetically modified in advance, so that the THC levels are much lower than in the natural plant.

This operation is repeated until one gets a version with a THC level of 0,2%.

CBD then comes in the form of oil or capsules or it is used as an ingredient in other products such as cosmetics.

CBD oil can therefore absolutely not be compared with cannabis oil, which contains a high dose of THC and is therefore strictly illegal.

THC is the ingredient that causes the effects of cannabis that are considered negative.

This substance ensures that a user feels stoned or high after ingestion.

This is not the case with CBD oil, which contains only a minimal amount of the substance!


Can you legally buy and use CBD in the Netherlands?

At first glance, you will find a lot of contradictory answers on the internet.

CBD oil is not forbidden in the Netherlands as it is not psychoactive and therefore you cannot get high from the product.

Still, it's still in a sort of gray zone when it comes to legality, as the legislation hasn't legislated on it yet.

Selling CBD is not prohibited as it contains less than 0,2% THC, the maximum permitted level in the sale of hemp products.


What is the dosage of CBD that is required to have possible beneficial effects?

why you shouldn't use cheap CBD oil

It should often be much larger than what is found in products typically sold to consumers today such as budget drugstores and outlets.

Why this is so?

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