Deepak Anand on CBD Regulations and European Market Domination





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Cannabis business expert Deepak Anand provides an update on his work with cannabis social justice agencies as well as his take on stories shaping the global cannabis industry. Anand works with Norml Canada, an organization working on amnesty for Canadians who have been unfairly charged with cannabis-related offenses as well as CFAMM, a group looking to ensure medical cannabis patients have fair access and taxation. Anand observes that the excitement regarding the health benefits of CBD oil has led to regulatory problems, especially in Europe. However, the US is moving toward a regulated CBD industry and the US FDA is trying to regulate CBD products. In terms of European expansion, Anand believes Canadian LPs have a huge advantage when compared with MSOs. The European market requires EU GMP certification and US MSOs cannot earn this certification without federal legalization. However, Anand cautions that other countries such as Israel, which recently allowed cannabis exports, are primed to dominant the European space.


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