CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil. What is the difference?

laatste update: 05-2022

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil. What is the difference?

There’s been a bit of confusion in the distinction between these two, and sadly, that might be what some companies are aiming for.

In most cases, a product labeled “hemp oil” will refer to hemp seed oil, which is not the same as CBD oil.

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is generally made from cold-pressed hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients—but don’t contain CBD or other cannabinoids.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is made from extracts derived from the hemp plant, rather than its seeds. This is because cannabinoids are formed in mature hemp plants through a process called biosynthesis.

The term “CBD oil” is used to refer to any cannabinoid extract derived from hemp because CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant.

And why is the distinction between hemp oil and CBD oil so critical?

Well, some companies out there would have you believe there’s no difference so they can sell a cheap bottle of hemp seed oil at CBD prices. Often advertised with similar benefits.

And as you’ve probably noticed, hemp-derived products are popping up everywhere from gas stations to popular e-commerce platforms. However, labeling can be fairly unclear.

Before buying any hemp-derived products, do your research. We can’t stress this enough.

When shopping for CBD oil, start by checking product ingredients. Research the company that makes the product and ensure you can find third-party test results for cannabinoid profiles, safety, and purity.

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