CBD Oil Patches Usage Instructions in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

Where should I stick the CBD Oil patch? It is best to stick the patch on a convenient place, for example on your hip. If you use the patch mainly at night, then that is also a good place, because in other places the patch may come off by turning. If your skin is a bit greasy, we recommend that you clean the skin before applying it. This keeps the patch sticking better. Please note: the patches are not water resistant. When should I apply the CBD patch? That depends on your complaint. The patches release the CBD immediately, while normal CBD oil requires a much longer working time, because it has to go through your system first. You can stick the patch in the morning for example after showering and / or in the evening before sleeping. It is wise to vary the location in some cases people experience a certain degree of skin irritation. CBD Patches Dosage & effects The number of receptors and sensitivity to CBD varies from person to person. That means that some people immediately notice a difference through the use of the CBD patches and others average, little or none. If you have severe complaints, it is possible to stick one patch in the morning and replace it with a new one in the evening. If there is no effect, you can also stick 2 plasters at the same time to see if a higher dose works better. CBD Patches Side effects If you have a high sensitivity (if you notice a strong reaction), the dose may be too high and you should stop or you can cut the patch into two or four parts. You can reduce the dose in this way. In some cases, users experience an allergic reaction to the skin (skin irritation). Then stick the patch in a different location or switch to our full spectrum and affordable CBD oil, you can buy this at our online store. CBD & medication CBD can block certain drugs (including anti-depressants), or strengthen them, or the medicines used can block the CBD. When you use medication, always consult your doctor about the use of CBD in combination with your medication. We hope that CBD has a positive effect on your health! Want to buy more CBD Oil patches? buy them here >> Klik hier voor een overzicht van CBD Olie Full Spectrum die u kunt kopen. MHBioShop – CBD Olie Specialist home