CBD Oil Explained | HEMPCEUTIX | (Natures Plus) in 2022

laatste update: 05-2022

Learn about Hempceutix CBD Oil. A high quality CBD line that was formulated to support optimal health. Learn more here ➡️

📒 Hempceutix Product Links📒

1️⃣ Liquid 💧 Pure Hemp Oil 250

2️⃣ Liquid 💧 Pure Hemp Oil 750

3️⃣ Liquid 💧 Pure Hemp Oil 1500

4️⃣ Capsule 💊 Complete 5MG

5️⃣ Capsule 💊 Complete 15MG

6️⃣ Capsule 💊 Stress 5MG

7️⃣ Capsule 💊Sleep 5MG

8️⃣ Capsule 💊 Relief 5MG


📒 Terpene Information 📒

🌿 Geraniol – Inhibits inflammatory response & oxidative stress

🌿Humulene – Anti: tumor, bacterial, inflammatory, suppresses appetite

🌿Limonene – Anti: fungal, tumor, anxiety, Stimulates immune system

🌿Linalool – Anti: seizure, anxiety, pain

🌿Myrcene – Anti: tumor, inflammatory, pain, stress

🌿Pinene – Anti: inflammatory, Helps with breathing

🌿Terpinolene -Potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol, inhibiting the growth of
cancer cells

🌿Caryophyllene – Anti: fungal, tumor, inflammatory

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