Cannabas Premium Exclusive Cannabis oil (CBD Oil) 20% and 30% CBD in 2022

laatste update: 11-2022

Our most high-quality CBD oil that we currently offer on the market is Cannabas Premium CBD products.

This company is located in the Netherlands in the beautiful city of Eindhoven. is always looking for the best CBD products.

The owners of Cannabas share their love with the manufacture of very high quality Cannabis and CBD related products.

Cannabas Premium CBD oil is of very high quality.

We sell this oil because we see that there are more natural Cannabinoids and Terpenes in this oil than all other regular suppliers.

The biggest difference is that the CBD oil is made from hemp that is specially cultivated for the medicinal use.

Other suppliers get their CBD oil as a by-product from the Industrial Hemp.

As a result, there are few active ingredients and the manufacturers often have to mix the CBD oil with crystals and terpenes.

This is at the expense of quality.


Because Cannabas has the entire production from the basic product to the delivery of the products, we see Cannabas as the most reliable partner when it comes to high-quality CBD oil and other related products.

Cannabas provides very open and transparent information about what is in the CBD oil.

This way you are always assured of the quality.

All test reports are up to date and have clear information to the end consumer.

Particularly suitable for heavy to very heavy complaints

These premium CBD oils are particularly suitable for heavy to very severe complaints, or if CBD oils with a lower CBD percentage have no effect on you.

Unique and not available in the store

This premium CBD Oil can not be found on the shelves of the well-known discount stores and drugstores, but is only distributed through specially selected CBD Shops such as

Available in 2 sizes and strengths

Cannabas CBD Premium Exclusive CBD oil is available in 2 types of oil and 2 sizes:

>> CBD Olie X-FORTE Cannabas Premium Exclusive 20% – 10ml

Cannabas CBD Oil The CBD 10ml - 20%

>> CBD Olie XX-FORTE Cannabas Premium Exclusive 30% – 10ml

Cannabas CBD Oil The CBD 10ml - 30%


As always, our team is at your service if you have any questions about this special CBD Oil.