5 Tips for the right dosage of CBD

laatste update: 05-2022

5 Tips for the right dosage of CBD

Dosing CBD can be difficult. Especially if you are a beginner or want to try CBD. But also advanced users sometimes run into problems. The fact that there is no universal dosage does not make it any easier. Every person is different and therefore reacts differently to CBD. The perfect dosage therefore differs per person. We understand that this can create confusion. However, you do not have to worry.

It is indeed possible to achieve the correct personal dosage. We give five tips in this blog article to make dosing easier for you. If you stick to these tips, the correct dosage is within reach.
Consider the build-up period
If you are just starting out with CBD, then it is important to know that CBD has a build-up period. It can therefore take up to fourteen days for the CBD to be completely built up in your body. So if you do not notice anything after a week, it is possible that the CBD has not yet been built up enough.

During the construction period it is wise to start with a low dose. We recommend taking a drop in the morning and one in the evening. We send with all CBD oil a manual with useful information that is listed for you in point.
Note the percentage of CBD
There are many different CBD products on the market. Moreover, these products often have different percentages of CBD. For example, you can find an oil of 2.5% but there are also pastes of 30%.

Therefore, pay close attention before purchasing a CBD product. Look critically at your situation and use our questionnaire to come up with the best product. The 5% and 10% of Medihemp are both perfect to start with.

If you have been using CBD for some time and have you noticed that you need a higher percentage? Then you can think of a CBD paste. CBD pastes are the most concentrated but also the new CBD oil RAW 18% of Medihemp contains a lot of CBD.
Build up or down quietly
After you finish the accrual period, you can find the right dose for you. You can do it quietly or quietly until you achieve the desired result. If you have not noticed anything after the period of increase, it is best to create an additional moment of reception in the afternoon.

Then you take three drops a day. In the morning, afternoon and evening. Did you notice a difference in a few days? Then increase the dosage. Take, for example, 2-3 drops 3 times a day.

If you continue to experiment, and the dose is slightly increased in this way, you will automatically find the moment when you reach the correct dose.

Did you build up too much, and did you notice more CBD at a lower dose? Then it is important to reduce this dose.
Listen to your body
If you want to achieve the right dose of CBD, it is extremely important to listen carefully to your body. Pay close attention to the signals your body gives.

It is not always easy to listen to your body properly. We often ignore the signals or attribute certain signals to other factors.

To gain more insight into this, it can be useful to keep track of how you feel in a notebook. Consider whether it has anything to do with the CBD. Or is there perhaps another cause? If you keep this up on a daily basis, you will see certain developments over time and you will gain more insight into your situation.

This is especially important not to take too much CBD. This is not dangerous with CBD, but because CBD is a costly ingredient, but pricey. In addition, it may be that in case of an overdose you will benefit less from the product.

Combine CBD products
With some CBD products it is difficult to dose very precisely. Consider, for example, CBD capsules, CBD suppositories or CBD chewing gum. These products contain a fixed amount of CBD per capsule or chewing gum to which you are attached.

Suppose you want to build up in that case. A whole extra capsule per day can then be too much. A good solution is to buy an oil, for example. You can then take a drop of oil extra, in order to achieve the correct dosage.

The same applies if you opt for capsules because of the ease of use on the go or if you opt for chewing gum because of the taste. Whatever your reason, if you want to dose precisely, you can always choose a different product with which you can easily supplement the dosage.

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